Are you looking for game design tutorials? This app is for you

The Game Design Toolbox is an iOS/Android app that provides high quality game design tutorials. They are written by veteran game designer Pascal Luban. Each tutorial is dedicated to a specific design issue and is illustrated by examples from actual game design documents.


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  • Javier (mercredi, 25. avril 2018 04:17)

    The App needs an update, I can’t use it with iOS 11

  • Больше на сайте (jeudi, 27. avril 2017 13:45)

    Thanks for helping out, fantastic info.

  • Jason Adams (jeudi, 11. décembre 2014 18:11)

    The game design document is invaluable. I have been trying to find one for quite some time. Thank you.

  • Phil Laran (lundi, 08. septembre 2014 14:46)


Who am I?

I am Pascal Luban, a freelance game designer and creative director based in France. I developed and published The Game Design Toolbox to bring my experience to others.


I have been working in the game industry since 1995. I worked on several triple-A titles, including two Splinter Cell games and one Alone In The Dark title. Being a freelance gave me the unique opportunity to work on different game genres and to deal with all aspects of game design: concept, game mechanics, level design, storytelling, monetization, playtesting, game tuning, etc. It is this practical experience that I want to share with you.


I hope you’ll find here the solutions you need to design your game but if you need help on a specific project, I can provide direct assistance on a consulting basis.